Ms. Frame believes everyone came to the planet "Wired to Win" and pre-programmed for greatness. For more than twenty-five years she has delivered self-development speeches on business and personal success strategies. She has conducted "follow-through" seminars and keynotes for small businesses, corporations, colleges, conferences, associations and church events. Clients are taught to shift their mindset from negative, toxic, limiting beliefs; tap into their full potential and create a life of significance, joy, purpose and unlimited possibilities.

For seven years Ms. Frame taught a Christian women's discipleship class called "Women on the Path" at her church outside Atlanta. She has been a member of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church since 2000.

Sharon Frame's core mission is to help women claim their "space" on the planet, re-frame their self-image and create the life they desire and deserve. She does that through her international travels as an Empowerment Speaker and with her "Focus And Follow Through" Power Focus Coaching. As a coach, Ms. Frame teaches clients how to take small, daily, deliberate, systematic steps to laser-focus and harness their energy to reach desired goals.

Visit her website at You can also contact her at 678 602-2899.